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Well, Here We Go......

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Well, this morning the tranny decided to no longer shift into 2nd gear. it's almost like it's in tow/haul mode but revs higher until shifting into 3rd. It's -5* this morning and I'm hoping that when it warms up everything will be ok.


I have 110k miles, a Zippy shift kit, Volant, Magnaflow and PCM for Less Tune. I also tow a 6800# trailer about 5k miles a year. Couple questions;


What would be recommended as far as cost / vendor of replacement tranny?


Should it have thrown a code to indicate what is wrong?


Thanks in advance for your imput.

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Dexron-III ATF does not work right at that low temperature; when the transmission tries to shift the clutches are not released or applied very quickly because the fluid has the consistency of syrup, and that's when the valve body is working right. Sounds to me like the cold ATF is also not allowing the valve body internals to move freely. So first thing I would suggest is that you switch to a true synthetic ATF, like Raptor Blood, AMSOil, or even Dexron VI will flow correctly at those extreme low temps.


AFA your questions - no you will not always get a dash SES light unfortunately. And the FLT units seem to have a decent reputation in the last year, as well as the Rossler transmissions.


Mr. P.

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:withstupid: Mr. P. is right, sounds like a valve body issue, and with the kind of mileage you have anything is possible. The only time you will really see an SES light from the trans is for an extremely bad slip condition. FLT gets my vote in terms of buying a built unit. :chevy:
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