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If You Have An Avic D3 Or N3

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It took me forever to figure out how to make my own backgrounds and burn them to a disc to be able to load them onto my D3, so I figured Id help everybody out who has one.


First of all you have to get a flickr account, then upload whatever pics you want to use. It doesnt matter what size- that comes next.

When you get your pics uploaded click on one and right above it there is a little thing you can click on that says "edit photo", and it will take you to a editing program and you can crop and resize it. You can do other stuff to it too but all that matters is that the image size is 500x240 when youre done. Then save it to a folder on your desktop named "PICTURES", it has to be in all caps too. Do that to up to 20, then you can see how they look on your screen in your truck later and choose which ones are best.


Heres a link to a page that tells you how to burn them to a disc, you have to download a program, it tells you everything it was really easy.


Heres one that I did-





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