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My Wheels Ordered!

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Ordered my wheels this morning. They should be here Friday.


I got the 22" SS Replicas, gonna be sittin on 305/40/22's.


I was runnin some 24 ASA's on 305/35/24's, but it was just too low profile for me.


The SS wheels are one of the best looking factory wheels of all time, can't wait for the 22 reps!


I will post pics hopefully Saturday if i get to wash it.

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I am giving $400, my ASA wheels and 1/2 worn tires(Roadian) for a new set of replicas and new tires, plus mounting, balancing included.


Might not be the best of deals but I am happy with it. I didn't feel like going through the trouble of selling mine, then ordering, waiting, and then finally getting new ones. This way I am in and out in a couple hours and don't waste time, which is limited this time of year.

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thanks! i am liking them a lot.


the ride is a lil smoother too.


next mods are CAI and underhood antenna, and its about time to activate the XM, spring training is soon.




a few more:







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