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Ok, I need some help with bolt-ons. First, since I've been reading that Outlaw CAI closed down, who makes the next better CAI with the oilless filters(don't want any residue in my MAF)? Second, if I wanted to go with LT's would I need to change the O2 sensors? I have the 6.0L VMax, 2 inlets and one outlet in the muffler, can this be converted with the Dynatech Lt's and Y-pipe and then hooked up to Corsa?


Any help will do.


Thanks in advance

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Volant makes a great CAI. with pacesetters or dynatechs you will not need to extend your 02's (or atleast i didnt.) You maye have to change the location of them but if i were you id just get a tune and get them deleted.

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If you want an oil-less filter go with AEM Brute Force's CAI. I have it on and have nothing but good things to say about it. If you don't know how to remove the O2 sensors (they can be a b#!*h to take out) and the threads on them are all messed up when you get them out, you may need new ones.

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