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Bser Roll Pan Group Buy - (february 2008)


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as the title says BSER roll pan group buy well i talked to BSER this afternoon and he said he dose still make them just not as often but he still does ne way if u want one then i suggest get on the band wagon and he said 3 orders would be good but 5 would be better thanks for looking







3. Rausche

4. NolletSSS

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how hard is the install on these, do u have to remove the spare tire?? And do these have the exhaust cutouts?


From what I have seen the spare tire isnt a issue unless you want to put in a hide a hitch and which you will need a spare relocator kit. No they do not have exhaust cut outs in them. I asked BSER yesterday and he told me any descent body guy can fit it in 30 minutes to 1 hour and then they have to paint it ofcourse.

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will it work on my TBSS LMAO. J/K good luck guys. I have to fit and finish out 2 of these in the near future I'll let you know how it goes and I'll include pics.

thanks danny and one of those ur doin in the near future is that including mine LOL

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