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Need Some Hptuners Help. I Don't Know Wtf I Am Doing.

Vortec MAX

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I recently purchased HPTuners Pro. I downloaded the tune from my PCM (that was tuned by Nelson). Then I swapped the unlocked Nelson for the stock OEM PCM. Then I downloaded the stock OEM tune. Now I am trying to compare these and HPTuners is telling me there is no difference at all between the tunes.


What is going on?


Do I have to start the truck with the stock PCM for the tune to be seen? All I did was swap and download. I did not start the truck. It couldn't have downloaded the Nelson tune again, could it?


I am totally confused. Maybe Nelson gave me an unlocked PCM with my stock tune. I really doubt that however.


Anybody have a clue what might be going on? Is there a way to check if my tune is stock? A single parameter I might look at or something?


Thanks in advance for your help,



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If you sent the PCM back in for an unlocked one, he sent you back a stock tune. Nobody sees what he does to a tune, ever.


PCMforless doesn't lock their tunes and you can see "most" of what they do, but not all...


For a base tune, you're going to want to delete some of the tq management and the HPTuner forums have how to's posted on how to do that. Also, if you want to get into fuel and spark tuning, start scanning the truck as you're driving and post up the scans if you can't figure out what to do next...

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An update to this topic. He did ship the PCM out with an OEM stock tune. He has since sent one suited for my mods, but now I am having licensing issues with the file. I am still trying to work it out.


I spent two credits on the unlocked PCM and unlocked OEM stock tune. The new file he sent me says I need a license for it as well. I am still trying to figure out how not to spend two more credits. I can't do this everytime I get a re-tune or I will run out of credits fast.



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You may want to contact HPT through their forum, or by phone, to ask about the credits. From what I understand once you spend the credits for one VIN, say for your truck, you can tune it an unlimited amout of times.


Agreed, HPT credits are supposed to be married to the VIN, not the hardware itself. I'm guessing that the VIN is wrong on one of the tunes you have from Nelson.

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