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Compatable Heads / Intakes

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:confused: Ok, How can I figure out what all would be needed to swap in a long block w/ L92 heads ? Or, what heads can be used with the stock truck intake. Or, what intake will work with those heads and still be a bolt up situation?


Looking real hard at SLP's ZL402. It's based on the lq9 block. So, I assume all of that will bolt up fine.

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Where to start???

YOu can run L92 heads b/c you have a 4.00+bore with the 408, but need the intake, throttle body...

If you use the truck Gen IV intake the you should clear the water pump, but efans might free up some space, but I cannot say if it is required.

If you use the car type Gen IV intake then you will have to change the water pump outlet and need a new idler pully.


YOu can run your 317 heads and your stock intake.

PRo's: cam selection, $$

COn's: Limited to 78mm TB


You could run LS2 heads, CNC heads that will be the same as the 317's in terms of intake and extra parts but will flow better.


Sorry if this is jumbled I have been reading alot of posts about using L92 heads and while they are in their infancy this is the wave of the future.

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Well I can remember reading the horror stories when people started to change intakes and TB's. This is a DD so I can't really get involved in to many issues with respect to making it all work together.


I'm looking more for torque than horsepower because I tow. I realize the 402 / 408 will need to breathe more so I guess the issue really is how much of the accessories / electronics will be an issue if I just break down and go with a FAST Intake, 90mm TB and go from there.


Since this seems to be the wave of the future, I wonder if anyone has done it yet?

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