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My Door Blew Open


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I would have to say most on this site know a lot about cars and how they are made, more then just our SS'S, so I thought I would ask my question/issue on here.


Please see this topic I have on this other board and let me know what you think:


Link To My Other Topic Somewhere Else


I basically wanted to get you guys/gals opinion on what you think could be wrong with my daily driver. I'm trying to see if I can make myself laugh about it all, but at the same time I do not feel safe now.


Thanks for your opinions/suggestions in advanced.

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That is both strange and scary to imagine. Here's my thoughts fwiw. If your hearing wind noise, the cabin is not sealed enough to cause interior pessure sufficient to cause the door to open even it's unlatched. the latch would be the only possible suspect imo for the door to open like that. Probably was not latched completely, maybe due to all the reasons already speculated in your other forum. After 20-25 minutes of driving and vibrating, the latch finally released enough to pop open. I might suggest to run the incident by a Toyota mechanic/dealer to see if the weather may had an affect on the latch and check the door seals from where your installer may have created some problems. good luck

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sounds to me like the latch isnt working right. either one of the handle rods is in a bind or the latch is faulty. once that latch "clicks" on the striker there should be no opening it with out using the handle. as for the light i think toyotas sensor is in the door jam not the latch so if the door is closed and not latched the light will go out. if your installer had your door trim panel off check to make sure the interior handle rod is not in a bind. he shouldnt have gotten anywhere near your outer handle rod. sounds to me like the door is closing but tension is on the inner handle rod and after a few bumps its operating the latch release. try using a screwdriver to act as the striker and close the latch. pull on the screwdriver and bump the door around a little and see what happens. if i remember right toyotas have a phillips screw holding the inner handle in and then slide the handle toward the front and it pops out youll see a silver rod held to the handle with a plastic clip.unlatch the clip and slide the rod out of the handle. move the rod back and forth to see if it moves freely. if its binded remove the inner door trim panel. this would be the first thing i did.

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Mine dose something like that too sometimes but has to be below -35, did it to me this morning. It was close to 50 below and when the latch gets cold it sticks but sort of feels solid just a little loose, WD-40 helps a little bit but something that would stay on better might have better results. Sometimes holding a lighter to the metal latch'll free it up. Other than that just wear your seatbelt and don't lean on it, and especially wear your seatbelt if you plan on leaning on it. My moneys on it freezing but it could be something else, will it do this consistently? At 26 above with forst you might have had some humidity. Does your truck live in a garage or on the driveway?

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