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So here's my problem, there is a sweet looking 03 SS w/ 37K on it for 20gr. I think I can get them down to 18 ish, my wife thinks I should wait until spring, but I keep telling her, that these trucks are hard to find with low miles (only 3 I can find in Indy) So should I wait until spring, or just go buy it? It's at a toyota dealership, and it's been there for @ least three weeks that I know of, maybe longer, but I am so impatient, and afraid it's going to be sold! What to do?? :dunno:

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get it!! just make sure its in good condition and run a carfax to check if the title is clean!! sweet price for it even a t 20gr......good luck..the wife will eventually understand if u get it now....and u r right they are rare to find and dont last long on lots......keep us posted!!!

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Dammit!! I had some issues come up, and I missed out on the truck. I think they sold it, it's not on there website anymore! Oh well, now I'm looking @ an 04, blue. really wanted black though!! Thanks for the encouragement guys, I'll get one yet!! :rolleyes:

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