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My Ss In The Snow


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So here are just a few pictures i took of my SS in the snow. I had to go home to my home town in southern Oregon and i live on the coast now. the trip normally takes less then 4 hours but it took almost 7 because of all the snow on the cascade mountains this year. So i figured i would just post some pics.




Here is a picture of my parents house with about 5 feet of new snow that fell in about a week



And here are some pics of Klamath Lake (the largest in oregon) and the cascades. its totally frozen enuf you can walk across it and this does not happen very often.





Its been a crazy winter this year and the worst in about 15 years. 4 buildings in my home town have had there roofs collapse and something like 10 of schools are closed right now until they are deemed safe enuf to enter (that never happened when i was a kid lol). Im kind of glad i do not live there and i dont have to deal with this weather for a long time. I dont know if my ss could handle it

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