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We've Decided To Keep It.


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A couple of weeks ago we traded my wife's Tahoe for an Oldsmobile Silhouette (yes, a minivan). Got a good deal. They paid hers off plus had enough equity for an even trade. We've been having a hard time selling the truck, and tradfing it in is out of the question. We owe pretty much what trade in value is, plus our credit sucks right now. So, even if I found something cheaper to finance the interest would eat us alive, and I bought the truck when our credit was good, so I got a killer, and I mean KILLER, interest rate.


So, we're down to one car payment, and if we can make it through the next couple of months our son will be done with daycare. Our daughter will have another couple of years, plus we don't have to pay during the summer. That'll be a savings of $700 a month, plus with my son finished that bill will be in half.


I'm just happy that I get to keep my truck. :driving::cheers:

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