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New Ss Fan!


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Hey guys! My name is Mick from Illinois and i admit that i love the Silverado SS. Only one small thing.........i dont own a Silverado SS. I own a Chevy Avalanche (without the body hardware). It all started 3 years ago when my wife and i looked for a new vehicle. I wanted a truck,she wanted an SUV. Well heck!,why not 2 in 1? So i got the Avalanche.

Soon after the mod bug bit me and the rest is history.


Thank you Silverado SS owners. You have been the inspiration to clone my avalanche into a SS!


I admit that i have lurked in the forums in the past :P


Mod list:





Factory Options:

Leather,OnStar,SunRoof,6 Disc Changer,Dual Climate Control,Etc....



Exterior Modifications:

-StreetScene Bumper Cover.....www.StylinConcepts.com

-5 Piece StreetScene Grille Inserts.....www.StylinConcepts.com

-StreetScene Chrome Bowtie.....O'Riley's

-GoodMark Hood ..... www.StylinConcepts.com

-Chrome Door Handles.....www.StylinConcepts.com

-3rd Brake light Decal mod.....www.eBay.com

-Camaro hood Silver Rally Stripes.....www.eBay.com

-Trailblazer SS Logos

-13" X Antenna.....www.eBay.com

-Sunroof Visor.....Auto Zone

-Bosch wipers......AutoZone

-Sail Panels LED's.......www.RadioShack.com

-Flamed Mirror Covers.....www.StylinConcepts.com

-Chrome Gas Lid.....Auto Zone

-MagLite mod.....Home Depot

-SS Calliper Logos.....www.eBay.com

-Midwest Avalanche Club window decal

-Pilot Blue Neon Underbody Kit

-Sail Panel Windows


-8000K HID's

-Satinless Steel Fire Extinguisher

-Fire & Ice light bar

-Painted Headlight covers


-Fiberglass wiper cowl

-Painted cargo cladding

-Diamond plated cargo cover inserts

-TrailBlazer SS Logos

-Saddlebags & Tailgate Power Locks



Interior Modifications:

-Flamed Gas & Brake Pedal Inserts

-Flamed white/blue Gauges

-Brushed Aluminum Cluster Bezel

-Brushed Aluminum Lighter

-Front window tints

-Blue LED bars

-Triple gauge A Pillar

-AutoMeter WideBand AFR

-AutoMeter Fuel Press 100psi

-AutoMeter 30psi Vac/Boost

-SS Headrests




-BBK 80mm Throttle Body

-JBA Ignition Wires 8mm

-K&N FIPK Cold Air Intake

-K&N Blue Intake Cover

-K&N Oil Filter

-Gibson Stainless Headers

-Denso Iridium Spark Plugs

-HP Tuners Software

-Flowmaster 40 Dual Split w/chrome tips

-TrailBlazer SS Torque Converter 2500-3200 rpm stall

-Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

-Vortech SuperCharger




Future mod: NOS




-20" Origin By Panther Wheels.....

-285/50/20 GoodYear Eagle II.....

-2/3 Drop Kit Belltech

-Red Callipers.....O'Riley's




-Trans-Go Shift-Kit

-Corvette Servos

-Seperator Plate





-Stock Stereo

-Whistler Radar Detector Hard Wired to Rear View Mirror

-Garmin 200 GPS



To-Do List:


-Patriot Heads










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