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Trans Flush...

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So the other day I went to get my trans flushed. I'm up to 62k miles and figured it was time. Everything went fine, they put Dex 3 in it and said nothing was wrong. But the next day after putting new spark plugs in I was driving around to make sure I had them in right and I noticed a grumbling sound coming from somewhere in the front end. Sounds like something is rubbing or shaking. It does it through all of the gears, when I'm coasting, no acceleration and it seems random. But here is what really concerns me. I was trying to tow this dude in a Jeep out of some mud and I got stuck myself (a supra towed me out...so embarrassing lol ) but when I got stuck my front end was pretty deep in, maybe something got wet or messed up? The sound has not gotten better or worse. I had not noticed the sound until after I got my trans flushed and was running the truck for a 4-5 days after getting it stuck. Any thoughts at all would help me out. Thanks in advance as always guys :chevy:

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Ya so I thought my problem was unique but it sure dosent seem that way. I know, I know I should have SEARCHED but its 1am am I'm tired...lol Sounds like I need to change out the bearings and seals in the front dif. But if anyone thinks I should be concerned about sketchy trans work (trans flush) or anything that could have happened when I get stuck in the mud, please let me know! Thanks!

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