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Update/carnage On The Sss

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thanks guys.. no i think it was 6...sorry if im wrong i was up till like 5 am last nite.. so im alil pooped...but passagner side 3ed back from the front...ya its pretty nasty..the rod broke and took a one inch by one inch hole in the inside bottom of the cyl wall and then wedged its stub..lol in the under side of the block which explains why i cant turn it over.. we even tried to break it loose with a breaker bar..but no luck..it was pretty amazing.. i thought i was in pretty good shape.. i mean for the block.. did see a scrach at first... then put my hand to to feel for anything and well found it..haha son of a bitch!!!!... then followedd by... wellll theres your problem..haha anyways the last to pics are of the bottom of the blower manifold after we slit it apart.. and that about made me puke..... but some how nothin made it though the inner cooler in to the blower head.. i dont know how!!... i cant belive how many pieces there are.. and how many small fine ones there are.. puts a new meaning to detanation...it frickin exploded!!

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ya thats right.. seems like everything i break.. i BREAKKK.. no reason to half ass it right?...makes for good things on the wall of shame!!!..haha damnit!


ya im thinkin forged for sure...im just trying to get ideas around for what im going to do..i dont need to make a monster out of it.. trucks these big running low 12 or high 11 is already a monster if u ask me.. but i just want it strong.. so i can drivee the piss out of it.. and not worry about it...( as much ) lol so thats in the works at the moment..so many ways to go..i was think about just forgen a stock motor and puttin a cam in...or a 370 with a good blower cam.. but not sure what the hp diff is.. or even sell the radix and get the new one... :jester: but then again i was so close to high 11s ...that much more power is going to break that much more shit..lol

i just have it stuck in my head how i really kick my self in the ass with my camaro.. i cant drive as much as a would like because its soo radical... that i dont wanna do that to this truck.. i love the truck and i wanna drive it that the whole point !!...but ive always got the go fast bug..lol




anyways.. thanks for the support guys!

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that really hurts to look at. I would look for a junk yard 6.0 and then get it back running, then ship out the SC to maggie and have them freshen it up or get the upgrade...then kind of start over. The amount of work getting these trucks in the 12's is nothing to be over looked and if you want to be able to beat on it you need to start over. Or get a stroker and set it up to not use the SC and you will not have to worry about the radix not being big enough for a 408.


good luck

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well i understand what u mean.. but the truck ran 12.3 at 111mph...on a stock motor.. and stock cam

and my thoughs numbers its got more in it.. was just spinning alil

ive thougth about the upgrade.. but its what 2400? and then i get the head unit back.. and i cant really do anything with that? i dont think anyone would want just the headunit woudl they? i dont evenknow what that woud be worth.. i wish u could just send it in.. and they would keep it all and just take more money off...thats alot up money for an upgrade

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yep, I dont get the upgrade deal...it not much of one. Maggie knows they dont want these old units, and what market is there for a head unit, very little. Going forged 408 will get you back on the road, maybe you could spray a bit and I am guessing it could be done for around $4k...

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