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Do These Numbers Sound Right?


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I purchased my truck 3 weeks ago and had it checked out today on dyno. It produced 339 hp and 389 tq. Does this sound correct?? I purchased the truck pre owned and to the best of my knowledge it has no mods that it didnt come with. (magnacharger, CAI) This truck is the 5.3, auto and has the corsa exhaust. Im already planning my mods but wanted to get an accurate baseline for starts. The shop that i took the truck to is a popular ford tuner and i find myself questionion the validity of his software. Mainly because i have a stoch 3.6 sc pulley and is puter said i was producing7.5-8.5 lb of boost. I read that my ride should only be pushing 5 lb with that pulley just like my mech guage reads. Any thoughts??


maybe im looking for reasoning for low numbers.


for thoughts, ...stock srt8 charger, 382 hp

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I assume you are RWD........those are great numbers for a stock pulley. Figuring the 18% drivetrain loss for RWD, the following is what your pulling off the flywheel.....


339/.82 = 413.4 flywheel HP

389/.82 = 474.3 flywheel TQ



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