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W(where)tb... O2 Sims?


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There is a way to make your own VERY cheaply, I can't fins the online diagram I used when I made them back in '99 for my Contour. I seached and found several people talking about them, but I couldn't find anything else... I know they do work though as my wife's '00 Mustang still has a set that I made too.


Also, during the search, I found several people ueing an O2 bung extension to move the tip of the sensor out of the main stream of exhaust flow to accomplish a similar result. I believe they said it was a part in the "oil pan plug area" of an auto parts store. The threads are 16mm if I remember right, but I can't remember if it's a 1.5 pitch or something else...

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Hey, I found a schematic for making your own. You need a 1uF capacitor, a 1M Ohm resistor, and a little time. The problem is, the schematic I found has different color wires for an import vehicle, which are just a bit different than ours. I believe we have two white wires, a black, and a grey instead of what's shown here. The other schematic is what I used to make mine on my Contour, which has the right colors, but they made the picture smaller for some reason and I can't make out the Radio Shack part numbers any more... but you can see where they put the resistor and cap.


Forgot, you can't solder the wires on O2 sensors very easily, so by some crimp on connectors and slide the little metal inserts out, crimp those on, then solder the crap out of them and they'll last forever like my wife's have.



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Allright update time...


I found a few schematic maps on building some (thanks bnoon). I have constructed my own and am currently waiting on the weather to clear up a little before I go crawling around on the ground. I'm pretty confident at this point, after looking at o2 schematics, I think I may have her figured out. I will let you know how they turn out. If they don't turn out, I thank DJ for the info. (Don't know why I didn't think of that considering I've had two firebirds in the past!) Either way I'll be sure to update and let everyone know, this is the best board I have found so far and I belong to A LOT!




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