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Wife's Car Broke


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ok last night my wife is driving her 2001 sunfire 2.1 L home and the temp guage was going to max, then min, then max then min. she pulled off on an off ramp, the car died, then would not start again. she had an oil change done on saturday, but did not have any coolant fluids touched. the serpentine belt is on and good.

its at a tuffy's shop now, and we are waiting on them to call us.

does anyone think we could have done any damage, or what could have gone wrong? keep in mind, its only got 52,000 miles on it, and up until the drive home, she had ZERO issues with the car at all. Im hoping this doesnt turn into a repair bill of thousands of dollars, or a junked engine...

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looked KINDA wet, but not soaked, but then again, the road was wet. couldnt see what was 'engine wet' vs 'road wet'..

think the PCM would kill the engine to save it and prevent damage???

please tell me we wouldnt have done damage??

I can't answer for the pcm but in my nissan, the same thing happened when my water pump took a dump and it is fine now. How long did you guys drive it hot?

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I would think it will be fine. I'm not sure why it isn't starting. That is the only thing that worries me. Will it not turn over at all or just not start? If it isn't turning over then something may have siezed. If it is trying to start and just won't then I think it will be fine after some repairs. Let's hope nothing catastrophic happened! Good luck!

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it turns over, but sounded weird, almost like it didnt have power to start , like a lower battery, but it was too cold to really troubleshoot last night at midnight, but it didnt sound proper. i did not sound seized at the time.

Again, I think you should be fine. If a hose did blow and wet the engine, something could have gotten wet (sensor, connector, etc.) which could have prevented it from starting.

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Well if it was running hot for longer then that or maybe just because.. could have cracked the engine block making the compression in the pistons be 0%to50% working and therefore won't run and you'll need a new engine. Maybe gasket blew but doubt it. Happened to my buddy... engine wouldn't turn over so if the engine won't turn over im guessing the block cracked. If it does turn over then anythin racer jj said.

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Temp guage pegging from one end of the sweep to the other, 2 possible causes - either the wire from the guage, sending unit, or guage itself has an intermittent short; or the engine was so low on water that the sending unit in the head was dry. If it's just electrical then the engine is fine, if you drove it for 20-miles without water then hmmmm better check out the motor for heat-related damage.


Mr. P.

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