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Oil Life Sensor


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I know, I neglected my baby. I'm making it up to her. She's got all new spark plugs and wires and a tranny flush.


I'l try to reset the sensor again, Thanx.

i alway do every 3000 miles or 3 months, which ever comes first with Mobil 1 5w-30

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Assuming that it's not a problem with your cluster or BCM, the oil life data is stored in the PCM. If it's not storing or computing properly, you may have some damaged memory in the PCM.


Is it that big of a deal if the oil sensor is inaccurate?

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Yea mine to is stuck at 30%. It will reset with both the steering wheel or the gas peddle but after the next start its back to 30% so :dunno: Just go off your mileage and you cant go wrong. Mine was in the 80ish range last I remembered before the stupid 30% for life shananagens haha. Maybe a new PCM from a tune might fix it.....?

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There is no Oil Life Sensor. GM's oil life system is a software function in the vehicle's computer (not sure which module). The following is what I've found on other sites referencing this.


The GM solution is for motorists to depend on its patented Oil Life System (OLS). The owner's manuals in today's GM fleet no longer make specific mileage recommendations. Instead, the GM Oil Life System analyzes the engine's operational data including but not limited to temperature, revolutions, speed, to calculate the rate of engine oil degradation and determine when an oil is nearing the end of its life. At this point a message on the dashboard signals that it is time to change oil.


Each OLS computer model is engine-specific because GM believes each engine behaves differently under the various driving situations and conditions. For this reason, GM is on record as stating there can be no standard oil change interval. Both cars and driving styles vary. The OLS allegedly calculates all factors pertaining to the engine and the driver and thereby makes its oil change recommendations.


The oil-life monitoring technology involves computerized monitoring of engine revolutions, operating temperature and other factors to determine when a vehicle's oil should be changed. Rather than depending on fixed oil change schedules that may not be suitable for all situations, the monitoring system customizes oil change schedules based on a vehicle's engine and transmission type and an individual's driving habits.


"Every driver operates with different driving styles and under different conditions," said a GM rep. "The GM Oil-Life System compensates for that, allowing a customized diagnosis of each vehicle's oil change needs."


Sounds like the function is not working if it stays at a fixed percent life.

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when i was back in NY when mine got to about 30% i had about 2500 mi on it from last oil change. but there i was only 2 mi from work and a lot of stop and go driving.not a hole lot of places where you can go over 30 mph Even on the Long Island Expressway :crackup:

but out here when i get to around 30% I've put over 7000+ mi 98% highway, so i don't know. :confused: i also think that changing M1 every 3000 mi is a wast of $$$



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