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That makes me want to cry. I love My gasoline motor. The article stated that it would take decades until the transition takes full effect. Boy, I sure hope so. But with technology adancing farther and farther with the blink of an eye, Surely there will be supercars (and trucks) that will run cleaner and not burn gasoline. I dont think America will ever lose the "need for speed" and will be fueling the addiction for decades to come.

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i think thats bogus cuz the z06 ls7 gets an est 27-28 hywy mpg.


I agree! Tree huggers, give me a break. Wasnt it back in the late 60s early 70s the government was rationing gas. You could only get like $7 at a time. There are other mean of making gas the oil industry is just making too much money to let it happen right now.

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