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Door Panel Marker Light


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I have a simple question.


The truck I just purchased was missing the lens on the passenger door marker light. So the salesman got me a new part. I thought it would be just a lens but it's a complete assembly.


Do I need to remove the door panel to make this replacement or does this just pop out?


I don't have the part in my hand or it might be pretty obvious. The dealer called and said my truck was ready for me to pick up and that he had the new light. (Sounded like he got it for me but isn't installing it LOL) It was brought up after the sale was made so yea, we missed it before the haggling began.


Thanks for your time.



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Yes, it is a whole light assembly. The plastic light lens is just glued on and the lens comes off quite easily. I would take the door panel off--screws in the interior grab handle assembly and there is one underneath the panel where the PW/PL switches are. The interior door panel just lifts off after the screws are out. You then can see where the Door Panel Marker Light is located. Pop it out and put the new one in... It's pretty easy...

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Thank you for the quick reply TXARKITEKT :cheers:


Shouldn't be no problem. I've had my share of dealings with door panels.





After picking up my truck and getting home and looking into the matter.

The door panel did not have to be removed....


I simply took a 1/8" x 4" flat scredriver, located the 1 of 2 tabs (Top) actually holding the light in. Applied some down and outward pressure and the unit popped right out in my hand. Unplugged the old and plugged in the new and popped right back into place.


With the lens already missing, this gave access to the tabs.


Job took about 3 mins :cheers:

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