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Wtb Assortment Of Things


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Well, just got the urge to upgrade some stuff on the SS. I am looking for a couple of things listed above. For the things I mention I would like to do locally, I would prefer not to do the whole shipping with these items so it would be better if it were a local sale


First, I am looking for a Goodmark or something similar to it cowl hood painted Onyx Black (Locally of South or Central Fla or South Carolina. )


Next, I am looking for a dual gauge pod with gauges Preferable Autometer Ultra Lites or Phantoms (Trans Temp & Oil PSI).


Also looking for dual Aeroforce Interceptors but I dont know the avaliablity of them out there looking to sell them.


Finally, I am looking for a set of Pacesetter LT's w/ or wo ORY. (Again, prefer locally but if not no big deal).



Thanks guys, pm me AND send me an email at [email protected] because my internets been acting strange lately.

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any exhaust shop can fabricate some catalysts into the y-pipe and it will fit the ss, but you'll need an after market exhaust.



This is kinda confusing when you read it. It is a catless y-pipe and yes cats can be installed. You can run this y-pipe if you buy a 5.3l/4.8L ext. cab catback. A vho/ss catback will not be a direct bolt on and will require some welding and bending.

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