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IMO, by having that ad at the bottom of the beginning post is a poor way of marketing someone to become a supporting member. I have been a supporting member for the past 2 years and my subsciption was up last week, and I am undecided if I want to continue it.


I am sure this thread will turn into a heated discussion, but I just wanted to voice my opinion. I think there are other tactics that can be used to advertise the supporting member section of the forum.


I don't meen to be burden on the forum, I just think the ad looks cheesy.

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Makes it worse knowing they cant even manage their supporter's accounts. I had a membership, setup to renew on its own, it didnt, I did not receive any explanation as to why it didnt renew, nor any help when I asked, so I said screw it, they obviously dont want my money.


:uhoh: That's all through PayPal, it has nothing to do with the Admin here..............

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So when I PM someone from this site and I get no help, thats PayPal too?...I dont think so.


:chill: I can only imagine how many PMs the admins here get daily, sometimes you have to PM them a couple times........there is a member comment section you can use also..................

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Get the ABP add-in for firefox.

Ad Blocker Pro.


I don't even see the ads you are referring to and I am not a donating member.

Nor so I see any of the google crap ads on any of the other forums I visit.


If an ad does sneak through you can right click and add their server to the black list.

works better than most of the SPAM filters out there.


I don't need any more annoyances than there already are on the net.

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