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Added Gauges And Electric Brake Unit In Dash


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nice. so uh, these electric brake units.. i know they supposed to help make braking better, but exactly how? haha

there for electric trailer brakes. Have you used that prodigy unit in that mounting location? Looks like it isnt straight in the Pic but could just be the camera. I know when mine got off tilt a little it changed the whole breaking of my trailer so curious if you have any issues?

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The air/fuel meter is from Innovate Motorsports. I bought it before AutoMeter came out with their a/f gauge. I painted the bezel Victory Red, to get some contrast and color in the cab. The rest of the inside is drab with all the gray/black.

The Prodigy unit that I have does not care what angle it is mounted at. I have pulled a car trailer a number of times with no issues.

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