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Alternator Spacer Broke


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last night i was driving my truck around town and it was running fine then i went to get a on the freeway and got on it a little to get up with traffic, after i while i started to notice my lights on my gauges were really dark and my oil pressure oddly high, around a minute later the temperature climbed really quick and lost my power steering, the engine was going crazy with high engine coolant and all the warning signs that something wrong, then i got reduced engine power and quickly got off the freeway and pulled into a parking lot..i look under the hood and my drive belt is off and the alternator pulley is super loose and does not stay sturdy, im looking at it more and it is missing a spacer or something..anyways has anyone run into this problem before or experienced something like, i searched for something similar but nothing really to related.. if anyone knows what might of caused it or what i can do to possibly prevent it again. that would be great.. thanks

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Evidently, nut has been loose for a while! Yep, new alternator on the short list. Belt damaged? Quite often when things swarm belt will get a cord pulled and won't stay on under stress afterward. Look it over closely before re-use. Also inspect idler and tensioner pulleys for runout, loosness before putting back in service.



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that was my guess that the nut was loose and just never noiticed it everytime i looked under the hood, but im already replacing the belt and double checking everything right now before i put everything back together. thanks for the insight

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