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House 1 Block From Me Explodes


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News article and vid


So sat morning I was watching cartoons with my 2 sons...then there was what felt like somthing hit my house and my wife and baby boy come running from the bedroom saying something hit the house. So I tell them hang tight together in the middle of the house while I go see whats up. I goto my back door and there is a few broken windows (which is perpendicluar to the blast) but I did not see any large object that hit the house. I go out front and the negibors are out and tell me a house exploded. I walk down closer, it was a block away and it completly destroyed the house and knocked down the one next to it. The 5 residents were thrown across the street and are recovering!



Now for the crappy part. I replaced 50+ windows. Most were on my brother's rental house, so those were done first. Then we did the negibors b/c the had most of their windows out and no means to replace them (excellent MI economy). We were unable to get to the ones on the house I am renovating for my family that is vacant, but most of those were broken...helping me decide to get new replacement windows, but much sooner than I wanted (and not having a job it is really the worng time, thanks MI economy)


This was all a block away, so the new did not even make it to our block. I did not count the ones on the other side of the street but I am guessing each house had atleast one.


pic's I have:

looking at the front door, the one on the left is the one that exploded the one on the right was knocked down


the parts standing are of the other house, the flat is where a house used to be


this was a house two lots down and the amount of debris that flew along the footing


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yep nat gas was jumped b/c it was turned off in Oct.


the force was crazy.


this is six houses further away from mine about 1 1/2 blocks from explosion, check the middle window is pushed out jam, storm and primary window!


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Yeah i've responded to an alarm like that before.........3 years ago we had a similar incident. A leaky gas stove wound up blowing a house off its foundation and leveling the two neighboring houses. The funny part was the homeowner was sitting on the toilet when the hot water heater kicked on igniting all the gas that built up in the basement. The neighbor found the home owner in the street still on the toilet........

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Glad to hear you and yours are o.k. Joe. Saw that on the news this morning. At the time they said suspected gas explosion. Had a similar incedent 2 blocks down from me last summer. House blew up because of a gas leak. Nobody home at the time luckily. Not nearly as bad as the one by you. Scary stuff.

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