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Will 305/50r/20 Tires? Fit On Stock Ss Wheel


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I was also thinking of 305/50/20 size. They will fit the rim OK, but not sure if they will rub or not. That size of General Grabber UHP tire lists section width of 12.4 inches, vs stock Gooodyear 275/55/20 section width of 11.1 inches, so I was wondering if they would rub on the inside when you turned the wheel to full lock position. Regarding overall diameter, the 305/50/20 is only 0.2 inches taller.

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There are several people on here running them on their stock rims. If I remeber right, there is a slight rub at full lock, but not enough to worry about at stock ride height. It's not an optimal fitment being only a 8.5" rim, but they do fit... Also, realize that different brands will vary in section width, so just because one brand of 305/50/20 fits doesn't mean all others will so I'd go with a "narrow" section width 305 just to minimize rubbing.

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