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Bunch O' Stuff


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I've got all this stuff that never gets used and just sits in my room and basement, taking up space. Figured I'd try to sell it and use the extra money to get the headlights for my truck. Don't really know what any of it is worth, so just pm me some offers. If I get a good enough offer on an item by Saturday evening, I'll sell it. But if the offers aren't good, I'll probably just keep it.


SS stuff *Pics added in below reply*

I have a oem third brake light SOLD, stock airbox, some euro taillights, precision ez solid brake duct grille inserts(I don't have any of the screws of l-brackets to mount this...my dumb retarted dad threw them away), precision ez solid lower valance grille insert SOLD, and some back side window covers with chevy bowties down in the basement. Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll get some pics if you want.


Non SS stuff

-Original Xbox with 7 games, 2 controllers, and all wires to hook up to tv.



-Nintendo 64 with 2 controllers, 7 games, and all the wires.

Don't have a pic of this one yet...the games are Diddy Kong Racing, MarioKart64, Starfox 64, Zelda (Ocarina of Time), Zelda (Majora's Mask), Diddy Kong 64, and Glover.


-Also have an original Gameboy and Gameboy color(yellow). No pics yet. Can only find one game(Tetris). I'll look for the other games...I use to have a a$$load.


-And finally...an Oreck Iron. Never been used other that plugging it up to make sure it worked.


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Sorry it took so long to get pics up guys...I volunteered to stay late at work.


Back side window covers



Brake duct grille inserts



Bumper grille insert SOLD



Euro tails



Tails on my truck



Third brake light SOLD



Stock exhaust...just a tad dirty...and a little crowded :smash: SOLD



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