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Vette City Meet

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Ok guys I know this is the third or fourth thread about this meet but we finally have all of the info.


Were going to meet at 10:30 AM Saturday morning at Cracker Barrel in Bowling Green. After we eat, we well be going to the track (all you hae to pay is admission)We will be meeting Sunday at Cracker Barrel at the same time as well and then going to the corvette museum. The cost is $10.00 per person. I NEED THE NAMES OF EVERYONE ATTENDING FOR THE BADGES FOR THE CORVETTE MUSEUM. I need this info within the next 2 WEEKS!!!!! Please let me know who is coming.


So far I know for sure that myself, J. Yates, SSthunder, and Chevyman23 are planning on paticipating.


If you have any questions or need directions, feel free to PM me. Im on this site EVERY DAY

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Well, looks like Im out. A good friend of mine decided to go out and get married that weekend a few hours away, so....really sucks, I was so looking forward to this..



dang man I was looking forward to seein your truck...that sucks!

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