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For Sale: 2003 Silverado Ss


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I didn't think this day would come, but the SS needs to go.


I was transfered to a new location for my job and I'm having to commute about 50 miles a day each way. Needless to say, the SS doesn't get that great of mileage, so I had to buy an economy car. I purchased an 04 VW Jetta with the Turbo Diesel in it. The little thing is fun to drive and I can rod the piss out of it and still get 43 MPG.


I have 2 vehicle payments now, 2 insurance payments and it's not helping the fun fund any.


2003 Silverado SS, RED.


92000 Miles


The truck is STOCK excluding the minor mods below.


Oil change done every 3,000 Miles.

K&N Air Filter

Billet Grill Insert

ECM Retune for 93 Octane fuel. Speed Limiter Delete.

OEM Tires with about 15,000 miles on them. I'd say the tread is about 2/3 there.

Every Option available for the 2003 Model.


No Dents, Dings or any major scratches on the truck.


The bed has been treated like a truck. I lost my bed mat one night blowing the cobs out. Surprise surprise that I lost the bed mat around 135 mph.


Never wrecked or any damage done.


The windshield has a couple of rock chips, but no stars or cracks.


Things that need attention, but are Minor:


1) Intermediate Steering Shaft Needs Replaced. It's not bad, but you can hear it inside. I think it's about 80 bucks + Labor if you don't do it

2) Right Arm rest on driver seat needs re-upholstered. Where my elbow sits while driving it cracked. I priced the repair for about 40 bucks.

3) New Bed Mat - 50 bucks at truck shop. Or it can be painted over with a spray in liner. That's what I was going to do.


This is a very sharp truck. I get compliment after compliment on it when I drive it. 3 months ago, I stopped at a local Sonic Drive In to get a drink after washing and chamoising off the SS. I was given the cool car of the day card. Free meal the next time I stop.


That's it.



I am the 2nd Owner. I purchased the truck when it had around 26,000 Miles on it. It runs good, drives good and I really hate to see it go, but the pocket book is paying too much for it.



$13,500 and it's yours.



Zip Code: 64801 (Joplin, MO)

Cell Number: 870-350-4707

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