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Fs: In Dash Nitrous Switch Panel - 4 Button


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It looks just like the ones from nitrous outlet, but thiers says its for 99-02. It fit in my 03 SS so it should work with 03-06's too. It only has 3 switches in it now cause I used one. Ones a 2-way switch and the other 2 are 1-way with an on light, like for arming and bottle heater I guess... Im just trying to get $30 shipped for it.

Heres the link to nitrous outlet, they have wiring diagrams for it too- it costs $60 there--





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not real good to use when your trying to HIDE everything, huh?



These switches actually hide well. They go into the pocket to the left of the steering wheel, and are not marked as to what they do. Also, they look like factory switches.

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