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Towing Tips


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OK serious towing advice here -


First thing that I would be worried about is the weight of the car; from demolition derby experience, I know that car weighs the same if not more than your truck and this will be the source of any trouble; basically it will be the same as towing another truck. With a "trailer" that long and heavy you will be more prone to whipping from the trailer, also that car will "steer" you travelling down uneven pavement, the car will want to follow the ruts in the road and is heavy enough to drag you along with it. This problem is non-existent using a trailer because trailer axles are many feet behind the truck (longer wheelbase is far more stable at higher speeds) but since you are using a tow dolly you won't have this advantage.


Yenko is right about your overdrive, be mindful that your overdrive clutch is not strong enough to survive "hunting" in & out of lockup; so my advise if you are on flat level ground and the trans will stay locked-up then go ahead and fly on the freeway with the converter locked-up, but if you are tackling any kind of grade then you want to be in 3rd, however your mileage will fall to about 8-ish.


Brakes - your truck if still fitted with stock brakes does not have enough power to make an emergency stop. Consider yourself warned and drive with LOTS of room to live.


All that said, I think if you go easy and drive smart everything will go just fine.


Mr. P.

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I tow with mine all the time.

In fact thats why I bought a full size.


The Typhoon on flatbed trailer with racing gear/tools comes to around 5500# payload.


Stock brakes are crap at best.

DO NOT TAILGATE and leave LOTS of room from braking.

Pretty much plan on glazing your pads with a dolly.

My setup has a surge brake hitch and it grips pretty good.


Check your trans fluid before you leave and plan on getting it flushed when you get home.

These trannies are on par with the brakes. crap at best.

Mine has never come home smelling burnt but its good insurance.


Do not go WOT at all if possible, even a downshift to pass at WOT will heat up your trans quickly and more than likely glaze the clutches if it slips at all.


Also take out the bump stop spacers in the rear and it will keep you from rebounding all the way home.


Now I am not saying do as I do but I generally tow at 75 in OD on the flats and D when it comes to any hills or passing.

It rides very well at that speed.


My typical MPG towing like that is around 9.5-10ish if I am lite on the pedal the whole way.

I have seen it down in the 8s when pushing harder.


Best of luck and be safe out there.

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