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Bonfire Lives


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Bonjfire has risen from the frozen Joliet wastelands...

BrokeFire, DidntFire, CouldntFire, WouldntFire, MissFire... you name them...


she said so far, the accellerator is a bit stiffer, I just told her its cuz its been worked on and it should run nicer.


1391 bucks.. and its back on the road.. sorry for the bad camera pics..






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OK all

the BonjFire is back, but its now the LeakFire...


now.. the head was replaced, along with it's gasket, along with the valve cover gasket. So, being an idiot I ask you

WHY THE HECK is it still leaking any oil?? attached are some pics to show you what I saw within a few minutes of the wife having the car parked in the garage when she got home.

I dont get it.. Oil pan gasket?? The Chevy dealer said they replaced that last year, when they did their dye test..

they also reaplced the tranny gasket when they pulled that down to check that for a leak, so it cant be that (unless those were put on improperly?????)

the first pic is my hand after i wiped up some of the nice clean oil.. the last one is just to show the nice clean new aluminum of the head.

god i need a good digital camera!!!







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Seeing how performing an oil change is standard practice after replacing head gaskets, it seems possible that the oil filter is loose or the drain plug is loose......you may actually need what is called a drain plug kit, which contains a new drain plug and seals(drain plugs can wear out after many many oil changes).


If non of the above cure the leak, the oil pan gasket or oil pump drive maybe the culprit. :chevy:

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