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Getting Married


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I'm getting married in Vegas on April 11th. I'll be out there for one week and hope to take one day to meet alot of members. We'll need to arrange a get together for some fun guys. Are there any members interested in a wedding reception invitation? (April 19th.) The reception will be in my hometown. My wife will be Mrs. Lindsey King. :D She is a member on here and is known as Linzerella. I'll try to find some pic's of her with clothes on. :jester:

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Congrats Zippy. A friend of my family got married in Las Vegas, though I wasn't there, I was told is was a good time. I didn't go because I wasn't 21 yet, though if I got the chance to go out there sometime I would be all for. Have a good time.


Convenient timing there was a www.weddingwire.com ad at the bottom of the page. Wierd.

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