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Driveline Upgrades

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Is anyone doing any upgrades to the drivelines of the SS's? Like going to a one piece driveshaft on the 2wd trucks & using stronger trans yokes & u-joints? Anyone put in a Bowler 550 ftlb package built 4L65E or swaping the 4L65E for a built 4L80E or 6L80E? Would a 6L80E work better with a rearend gear change to a 4.11 or 4.56? My truck is geared 3.73. What is the 6L80E used in? What about rearend upgrades, whats being done there?


The reason I'm asking all this is. My dad is on to me about I'm going to tear something up with the way I drive my truck. Ok, I'll admit I drive it pretty hard, but I don't think I abuse it. I've got a heavy foot when it comes to burnouts. I'd like to take it to the dragstrip some & he says I'm going to tear it up there. My mods are in my signature. How much stuff gets tore up or is weak in the SS's. Thanks Guys.

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