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Official Repost Thread


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One of my race forums did this and I thought it was funny and helped some people get the hint....


Feel free to post your favorite reposted thread titles...


I'll start:


What's the best intake to buy and how much hp will I get from it?






post away

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"Silverado 427 Pics"

"New Camaro Pics"

"Corvette ZR1 Pics"


I must have seen at least one repost per day about these for quite a while....


Of course there is always the...


Which CAI is best

What Shorties should I get

Which catback is best



The repost of all time on this website has to be the


"Front end noise, groan, growl, bind" in AWD SS's.



Remember newbies...the search button is your friend :smash:

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