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Pics Of My 2 Cars


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Well Finally getting settle in Florida. Started cleaning out the cars and put on some of the parts waiting to be installed. heres some pics. Couple of the Denali, and the TL. I got on order a magnaflow for the Denali and looking to lower it in the next month or so. Then It will be done.







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I hope you like FL. I am getting settled in IL. I still have all the boxes from the movers.


Yeah loving it down here. i had my boxes for a while too till I got rid of a bunch of them. post a Craigslist ad and someone will come and get them.

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I am thinking I should have gone to VP30. The sun looks good. I still have snow. The truck is covered with salt


From what im hearing 30 aint shore duty either, Work your duty weekend, 10 hrs days at a min. Could be better could be worse. Sunny and nice and warm most of the times. Been wearing Shorts almost everyday since i been here.

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is that an ASPEC TL??


It has ASPEC parts on it, but dont have the ASpec Suspension. Didnt like there setup for the suspension. Decided i wanted to do h&r drop springs with some koni struts.


I think it's a Type S not sure though. I have a TL also, they are great cars. How about some more info on the rice burner, I'm not prejudice. Are those 17"s? Does it have an aftermarket body kit? Sharp car!

Its not a type S, Its a 04 Tl with the nav. I added Type S tail lights and smoked side markers. The body kit is a ASPEC kit for acura. The only other real thing i did was cheanged the exhuast resonator to a dynomax. Rims are a staggart setup 19X8.5 up front with 235/35/19, and 19x9.5 with 265/30/19. other than that tinted windows and a viper alarm.

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