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Sister Looking For New Car/truck


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As I stated, my sister is looking to replace her trailblazer soon. Needs some ideas about what vehicle and motor combinations to look at.


Her requirements:


Must be able to seat 6 adults. Comfortably

Must be GM vehicle since she can get employee pricing

Mid 20's to $35,000 max

Best possible mileage with moderate power. No slugs but not SS or VHO power

NOT diesel or premium fuel

Flex fuel ok if the cost /mileage ratio is worth it.

Displacement on demand? Worth it?


They aren't making the extended TB anymore so that's out. Tahoe is too big/expensive. She's looking at a Z71 Quadcab Silverado. She likes it but isn't sure what size engine to get.


I haven't looked at the new stuff for a while so I'm not much help. Any suggestions? Even a car that seats six would be considered.


Thanks for any ideas.

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The new Malibu's are REALLY nice...
That was what I was thinking. Don't know how comfortable it would be for 6, though. The GMC Acadia is pretty nice, and has a third row seat. Buick Enclave is a bit more expensive, although it has some more features/options. DOD does save some fuel if you're not in constant stop and go traffic. Maybe 2-3 MPG, but every little bit helps.
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