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Houston Tx Meet.

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From GMFullsize...



The location so far will be Tomball,Tx 10 miles North of Houston


Well since nobody else threw a date out I went ahead and figured Sat May 17th would be a good day. There is a park right by my house in North Houston that would be a great meeting spot with plenty of room and things to do to accommodate everybody.


We can all meet there and hang out and shoot the shit and do whatever else we want to do then I was thinking maybe some that wanted could come back to my house and chill in the driveway and drinks some beers and shoot more shit.


I would like to stick with this date since It will be the only weekend I will be home in May. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions please chime in.



Linky to park....

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crap, just found out I will be out of town that week on business. Looks like I am gonna have to miss the first one actually in town. Figures. I guess we'll just have to set up another meet soon. sorry guys

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I have a set of amber deleted/smoked headlights (Like in the sig) that im going to sell, if anyone who is comming to the meet want's to buy them let me know. I would like to get 120 and your stock set, PM or e-mail me. I will try and respond as soon as i can, but my laptop just got a virus and im using my little sisters computer which she is not happy about lol.

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