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Pic Request Please! 2006 Vortecmax Exhaust


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I need help!!!!! My truck went to the dealer to fix a leaky trans. They had it two days. I start it up the next morning when cold and hear an exhuast leak. I crawl under to see this. :fume:






WTF were they thinking?


I need a picture of this area, the way this left the factory so I can get it fixed correctly with as little trouble as possible.


I'm afraid of going in, and their repair will be torqueing the clamp down making it impossible for me to separate these two pipes in the future.


If anyone has a picture, a parts diagram, a part number, anything to help me, I will be truely grateful!!!!!!!




P.S. Truck is a 2006 Sierra, 1500, crew cab, 4x4, 6.0L, 4L70E, 4.10's, 9.5" 14 bolt rear. I think the HD's have a similar exhaust setup as well as the Sierra Denali and the Silverado SS.

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Thank you for the replies!


Vortec Max-That picture is perfect! I am truely grateful!!!! :cheers:


Going to dealer tomorrow to get this fixed right. I don't care who says what, this clamp they supplied me with is garbage and this will be fixed correctly.


Thanks again guys!!!!

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Just returned from dealer. I talked with the service manager and showed him the correct picture (Thanks again Mike!) and the picture of the work that was performed at his dealer.


The manager told me the clamp in question is the approved replacement type and there is no "band clamp" available from GM.


I told him I would not be satisfied and would do whatever it takes to get it returned to factory specs. (Who do you report to?)


He disappeared while I talked with the service advisor and came back to tell me he found an aftermarket clamp, and would order it today and install at my convenience.


I'll wait until I see this clamp before I decide if this issue is over or not.

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