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What Lowering Kits Is Everyone Useing


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thanks guys i just wanna drop it 2 maybe 3 inch nothin crazy i almost bought this one truck but it got sold out from under me it was already done had all hotckis shit i wanted to do that but i cant find it anywhere im lookin at another one its got a cool charger supercharger i think if i buy that one down the road id swap it to a vortec any one selling a vortec procharger kit lowering parts rims tires and a cowl hood? and a pioneer d3 lol

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I have McGaughy components


2" drop spindels 17"+

Drop keys




The ride is good and also my alignment is in the green w/ my 3/4 drop.

PM NorcalSS on Gmfullsize.com or here, he can hook you up.


ntmd8r truck is awsome his set up is sweet. im gonna make my truck sit like his, i just hope mine looks as good as his.

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thanks guys i just wanna drop it 2 maybe 3 inch nothin crazy



If you are looking at an AWD, you can't go much more than 2.5" in the front. I have the McGaughy's 2/3.5 kit on mine with spindles, hangers and shackles. Rides nice. I decranked the torsion bars a bit and lowered the front an additional inch only to have some vibrations around 70. I raised the front back up about 1/2" and no more vibrations.


Here's a couple pictures of mine.



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