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What Do Yall Think About The G8 Gt?

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i may be moving back to hawaii to become a recruiter and heard the rumors that the gov will only ship one of my cars (which will def be the sss) so i may have to sell my wifes car. before i got the sss i was looking into getting a 08 G8 GT that pontiac makes. car looks clean and has ALOT of potential to throw up some nasty numbers as well as what i would call the best damn price tag for what it does. fully loaded with moonroof, good reviews, option for 6 spd, lots of space, and looks sexy for 32ish off the lot.


finding them used will be hard because of the fact that it just came out, just wanted to know if anyone here has one or knows anyone that has one.


i can find rewiews all day, but hearing first hand will make me feel better...


lemme know what yall have to say!

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We almost got the wife one about a month ago but they wanted us to go 4k upside down on a 6 month old trade that we put a 10k down payment on..... I know cars depreciate, but 14k in 6 months is just rediculous. Anyway back on topic, I really love the car and would still like to get one, I did have a few issues with it though. The cabin controls and a handful of the monitoring gauges are on the radio display. Which is neat, but prone to failure. You can forget about an after market head unit. And with a 5 inch display you'd figure they would have added a navi option.... nope "thats why it has on star". The 6 speed auto is cool but limiting to about 550 hp. The saleman told me that a manual trans isnt available. Other than that it feels somwhat like a "trans am sedan". If you want it and plan to leave it stock, then I say its a better buy than the new camaro coming out if you need a sedan. But thinks about it's limitations.... But if you do get one hit me up and i can set you up with a cam and spring package with an ecu to put it up around 550-575 hp plus you will keep all of you drivability.

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I went and test drove one yesterday. I car is really nice. And tons of room. It felt alittle doggy to me when i went wot but for a sedan it held its own. The salesman told me in the spring of 09 they will be releasing a 6 speed manual. I dont know if its BS or not. but over all it was a really nice car. The sticker price here in MT is 30$$$. And we dont have sales taxs so that what you will pay.

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I say go for it. Its a nice looking ride. The military will only send one vehicle. If its the ss make sure you are watching them when they are going over your truck to make sure they dont mark any flaws that are not there. Some cars get messed up from the ship ride over. You might want to have a battery ready because it takes a month or more to get to the island. When we picked up my wifes G6 the battery was dead. Good Luck with the G8 you should get a deal with the way GM is hurting!

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They run mid 13's right from the factory. :thumbs:



forgot to mension there was like about 6 G8 GT at the track last weekend and they all ran consistant 14.5's stock



I love the G8,...fantastic car. As for the 1/4 times I have direct experience in tuning them as I am in the process of dialing in my cousins G8. Bone stock the car ran a 13.78 best with consistant 13.9's. After just tuning, no other mod or weight reduction, I got the car doing a best of 13.2 and consistant 13.3's at 105+ MPH. They are really detuned from the factory. From my experience, they are really prone to heat soak and have a VERY agressive IAT table to the amount of 10* pulled at like 130 degrees. I am willing to bet that a CAI of your choice, 160 thermo, a 3200 stall converter and tuning will make for a very reliable 12 second "family car". The 6 speed is also something to get used to.


If you get the car and have HPTuners, I can send ya the tune :cheers:

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