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Wtb: Need 15124949 (2) Of Them


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those brackets aren't just the side pieces, its a 2-pc bracket that also includes a tab on the top that secure the top of the SS cover to the bumper. You gotta have this stuff!


well what other bracket do i need..i told them i needed 2 15124949.

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well what other bracket do i need..i told them i needed 2 15124949.


that part number has both pieces, you'll see what i mean once you get it. Don't forget to scoop up the bolts to bolt that bracket in. You can probably get away with some bolts at Home Depot or something, but nothing beats OEM stuff.


There are 4 brackets that run along the top of the bumper that secure it properly up top, I'd recommend them, they aren't THAT costly, but you can get away without them. If you choose not to use those, get some industrial 3M tape and make sure you secure the top and front of the bumper to your stock bumper core.

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I need 2 bumper brackets...this is picture of them...part number 15124949.bumperpics003.jpg



If you know anyone in the autobody bussiness you should try having them order from a local GM dealership, I've ordered tons of SS parts from a local dealership using a friends bodyshop discount,,I get all parts a little cheaper than Gm parts direct & no shipping charge,


Some examples of what I paid for real GM parts using a body shop discount:


SS Headrest,,,$44.00

SS Bumper cover,,,$239.00

SS Grill,,,$259.00

SS Tailgate spoiler,,, $84.00

SS Emblems,,,34.00

GM Right fender,,,$139.00

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