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Fuel Filter


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I was just going to go back with a replacement Delco filter when i planned on replacing mine, also thought it was an easy fix till i found out my fuel filter is in the tank instead of inside the frame rail...

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The only models that need regular fuel filter replacement are '03 SSS's, because they have a return style fuel system. '04 + SSS's have a returnless fuel system that only have an in-tank filter, kind of like a sock on the bottom of the pump. These models do not require routine fuel filter replacements, the sock only gets replaced when the fuel pump or sending unit are being removed to be repaired or replaced. For '03 models, I would recommend an AC Delco OE replacement filter.

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Cool, I have an 03 any tips or any link to a how to ?



It is very straight forward. There is 1 or 2 bolts that hold the bracket to the fram. Then you just need a couple wrenchs to disconnect it. Slap the new one in (making sure you have the flow lined up correctly!). Tighten it all back down and your done.

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what happens when your fuel line nuts are frozem on and almost rounded off?? (yes i used the correct size line wrenches) :(

Try Vise Grips. I was afraid of rounding mine off when I changed the filter, because they were very hard to get off. But I took my time and was able to do it without damage. Once damaged though, something like Vise Grips is about all you can do. Or replace the fuel lines (last resort!).


Edit: They also make special wrenches for fittings on tubing, but if it's already rounded, it's too late for that.

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What about pulling the fuel pump fuse and turning the truck on to drain the fuel in the lines? will this hurt the fule pump or not that big of a deal?



you don't need to do any of that..


Just get underneath, crack both sides loose, and hold a rag around the filter. it will soak up in the the towel.


remove the forward line first ( towards the front of the truck) and lightly, and slowly bend it 2" out, away from the filter.


then remove the back side ( rear of truck )


push the filter through the plastic ring..


reverse directions and your done.


Takes 5 minutes.


once your underneath and looking at it, its a no brainer.


Good luck :)

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You can drain the lines if you want. It doesn't really matter you don't loose a ton of gas. And if it all possible try to use a flare wrench to prevent rounding of the fittings. If there are already rounded, then vise grips will be your best bet.

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