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Top Speed Governor?


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well if i'm going to do a tune i should just wait til i get my intake, headers an exhaust first right?, then tune.

Will a tune take care of a cel that is trigered by headers with no cats?


If you are going to be installing the headers and CAI soon, yes you should wait. If not, i'd still have it tuned to bring the truck to life! A tune will take care of the CEL issue also.


All SSS's are governed to between 108 and 112mph stock. It can easily be changed in the tune, mine is set to 175mph to avoid top speed limiter issues on the dyno. :uhoh:


Charlie Wheatley can help you out with the tune too! :thumbs:

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i own a 05 Sss 2wd and my does not shut off i have gone 120+ about 5 times on the highway my pedal is to the floor when i hit 120 i kept my foot on the pedal for 15 sec after i hit 120 and it did not gov out. my manual owner says speed governor if equipped or the owner before removed the top speed gov

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Yea i seen that but it does not not say anything about a stock top speed

run he had intake, headers an exhaust on the truck that did 155mph with 350 rwh


but thanks i get the idea

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