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No Spark

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:okay, so I have been working on my '99 Silverado 1500 that had been sitting for over a year. I had to change the gumed up fuel pump. Now that its "running" its down a cylinder (I believe its #2, front passenger) I unpluged each coil and the 5.3 studders a lot more when each is unpluged except for the one, so I poped another plug in... not the problem. So I unpluged the boot from the coil, I get the arc on all coils except for the one. So i run up to autozone and pop a new coil in.... agin not the problem. Oviously it is not getting power... I did not have a test light with me only a DMM I could only seem to meter 12+ constant. Any ideas???

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I'd check the integrity of the wiring harness to that coil, make sure that a critter didn't eat through the harness. Try a better test to check for spark...get an old spark plug and plug it in the end of the spark plug wire. Ground the plug (you could use a stretch of wire), and crank the engine over to see if spark jumps the gap. I'd be more prone to think that you have a bad injector after sitting for a year than a bad coil, but anything's possible.

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make sure that a critter didn't eat through the harness.


:withstupid: Since the truck sat for such a long period of time, it is quite possible that rodent started gnawing at stuff under the hood........

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