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Horsepower Question.


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I am looking to boost the horses on my silverado. My motors a 5.3 with 295hp, and I want to get 425 horses out of it. I do not want to add any power adders to the motor, I just want it to be all motor. If anyone could help me out on some outstanding parts and products that would be awesome. Here are a list of somethings that were thought up.

K&N cold air intake







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sooo you're talkin about internal parts?



a shift kit wouldn't add ponies but sure as hell speed you up and make it funn to drive!


and you on a good start, but look at some new heads, bored throttle body, tune, intake.

i mean 425 is a lot with just internal mods.

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First off would paint the truck black. That get you 100 horses right there. 130 horses is alot to pickup with without a supercharger or turbo. Have you look into a stroker kit?


omg here we go with the black again lol jk.


stroker kit ftw.

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