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Added Another Gm To The Family...


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Picked up a 2005 YukonXl as the new family wagon considering the misses is about to pop with or 3rd and 4th kid's (twin's)! It's a super clean SLT with only 23,000 miles. Love the color. Depending on your angle it looks blue green or purple. I think it's called Indigo Blue Metallic. It was really bright out so the color looks dark blue sorry for the lame quality.


I was worried about the 5.3 being under powered but I must say that she has just enough power to get up and go and actually drives like caddy. Shifts smoooth and rides nice compared to my 4x4 VMax!









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Very nice truck! how much did u pick it up for?

Thanks, I think I got a pretty good deal I paid 18,500


I've got the same thing, just not the XL. I actually like the 5.3.


very clean ride :cheers:

I agree I wanted the 6.0 but I'm just towing jetskis so the 5.3 will do fine!


love the color

You don't see to many in this color...

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LOVE the color.


but i can assure you it is not the indigo blue, bc i have an indigo blue and it is far from looking that good.


Really? I thought it was Mid Night blue Pearl. LOL does anybody know the name?

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