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Here I Go ..............


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Well my car isnt done yet. but a buddy is letting me drive his tonight. :driving: gunna see if i can still rember how to turn right to go left and do it in a fast car. :thumbs: ill post up how i do when i get home tonight see ya all later on dale :cheers:

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Well not so good but fun night. started the heat race and car was way loose for a really rough track and i had to pull off. started the feature in the 9th row outside after fixing the loose condition. got up to about 10th place after starting 18th and the hood pins pulled through. letting the hood come up so i couldnt see going down the straights and into the corners. so i had to pull off and ended up 19.

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as long as you had fun Dale thats all that matters. i got faith in once you get your built and get use to it you will shine above the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!


good luck

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