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Wow. Talk About Busted.


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Watch the video clip (half way down on the left)


Wow.... all I can say.


What an ass this cop is.


UPDATE #1: The cop also threatened his life in a local police forum:


in reply to "Who is this terd?"

"I hope this little POS punk bastard tries his little video stunt with me when I pull him over alone- and I WILL pull him over - because I will see "his gun" and place a hunk of hot lead right where it belongs."

The kid was also followed, staked out, and assaulted by a drunk off duty cop.



UPDATE #2: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=23...olice&hl=en


The police department was shut down. The WHOLE department. A different local department was given their jurisdiction. Holy Shlt!

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Granted the kid seems to be a smartass but the cop was a huge prick from the get go. I'm not an LEO and I can't imagine the amount of shit they deal with but something like this is pathetic...


the threat of making up charges just throws me through the roof - this guy should be mopping floors

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I thought it was just the cops were I live but no, they are all pigs.


Thanks for posting that. How long has he been treating people like that?


I don't know. I was reading about it last night really late. I just thought it was wild that the kid caught it on tape.


The kid was lippy, but sometimes I think like that too... Just time to take a stand and say, "you know what... I don't have to tell you where I'm headed after you stopped me for not wearing a seatbelt... and you're not going to force me."


It's good he stands up to them. Most people either puss out in fear or just concede defeat by threats of tickets or being arrested.


Cops get pretty big egos from the start because everyone yields to them. After 10 years of that they expect it... it's human nature. Then when someone acts less submissive the "alpha male" shlt comes out and it sends them for a loop.


I think they honestly do believe (and I don't mean all cops, just the type like in the video) that they MUST be answered to. And that's the public's fault. Everyone just does as their told, even if it's something they don't have to do...


It's all a struggle for power.


I made a face at a cop that was staring me down once. And I mean EVIL EYE style staring me down. All I was doing was standing in line at the DMV. He walked past me and said if he saw me "roll my eyes" at him again I'd be in jail.


LOL... I told him not to stare at me and he won't see me roll them... he turned red.


EDIT: I don't want to come across anti-cop here. I actually want to apply once I finish my electrical apprenticeship and I appreciate what they do sometimes. I just think it's a vicious cycle. They get ego's because of their power, then use the power to feed their egos... lol, that was deep. Confuuuushus saiy....

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well obviously the kid is a retard as well because when it gets to the point when he has to mount a camera in his car "just in case" he gets into an incident with the authorities, you know it can't always be the cop's fault. legally, in some states, don't you have to let someone know when they are being recorded?

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