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Gm's Got No Class...


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I'm venting here so bear with me. I own a 1991 Silverado C1500 and the HVAC controller unit went out in 2003. No big deal, I paid a local parts house 149.95 for the new GM replacement and installed it.


Yesterday the same unit went out in my truck and they want 430.95 for the part plus tax, plus shipping! What the hell is going on here?


They can't sell cars, so they're gouging the loyal Chevy patrons with triple or quadruple pricing on replacement parts? The truck is 19 years old this fall.... the damn part should be 50.00!


Can anyone shed some light on this subject for me? I'm about done with GM and their crap... I vow to buy imports from now on!


Sorry for the rant, but I wanted to hear if anyone else was upset with this stuff...



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Think supply & demand here bro.


You say that truck is 19 yrs old. The big 3 "legally" only have to make replacement parts for like 10 yrs on any given model. In turn, I'm sure that part is not being made NEW anymore by the General. So, the supply is shrinking on that OE GM quality part & this drives the prices up.


Just my 2 cents....


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As a previous parts person in a GM dealer I will admit that the prices can get insane. But unfortunatly we the dealer have no control over the pricinig. GM gives us our prices and that is what we go by. As far as the part being $150 and now being much higher, Hank is right. The older the vehicle the more the parts cost. Simple supply and demand here folks. When demand is high they can produce larger quantities at lower prices, therefore selling the parts at lower prices. When demand is low for a product, smaller amounts are made and the individual build cost is much higher. Now I am not saying that the cost to build that part is $300 more, but it will be higher. Once again though GM sells it to the dealer at a much inflated rate. Then again new parts are so expensive because demand is high and costs to produce is high.


Long story short, prices change especially with older parts. That will remain the same no matter if it is GM, Ford, Honda, or Toyota. Just remember it's no fault of the guy standing behind that counter.



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i paid 15 dollars for 2 of the little rubber bumpers that hold the fuel door flush with the bed cause some one took them. i remember when you could get like a bag of 50 for like 3 bucks

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Always check E-bay. With all of the dealerships closing, the inventory is hitting the market. I have been picking up some of the stupid parts (rubber pieces, custom bolts etc.) for my truck on the cheap.


If you are REAL NICE to your parts guy a the dealership, they CAN give you discounts (plug in a business code) which help out quite a bit. I ordered $800.00 worth of parts for my build and it ended up to be a little under $500 with the friendly discount.

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:idiot: you ought to be smacked for that


Sorry you feel that way dude.... Times are tough, and I can't afford to do business with a company that would rape you over a stinking mandatory part. I've got plenty of brand loyalty, where is their appreciation for my 33 years of brand loyalty? It's not in paying a 450% mark up on a part for a 19 year old truck!


I own a 1981 Camaro Z-28, 1991 Silverado C1500, 2003 Silverado SS, and in the past owned a 1976 Chevy Monte Carlo, 1976 Chevy Vega, 1982 Silverado 6.2 Diesel, and a 1984 GMC Sierra Grande.


All GM products. I've never owned any other brand, so don't tell me I should be smacked. I'm just sick and tired of the way the world is going to shit, and want to try to make a difference. Refusing to be a part of their scams is my only option.


If I ever buy another new vehicle, there is a really, really good chance it won't be a domestic with one exception... The Vette.



My 2¢.

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